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Fantasy Fight is a blend of character themes, traits, and concepts from traditional fantasy games with a simple cycle of trumps to make a quick competitive card game! Choose one of five Classes, use the four Types of cards to your advantage, and outplay your opponent in a stunning array of reads and traps! Each game takes 1 to 3 minutes, and is meant for 2 players.

The Wizard, a mysterious master of arcane secrets. An ostentatious sage whose tricks can cover any situation, with no regard for their opponent.

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The Warrior, a steel-clad veteran of countless battlefields.

The Cleric, a stalwart pillar of faith with sight unmarred by illusions or evil.

The Barbarian, a deadly warrior clad only with wits and a keen blade.

The Alchemist, a gold-hungry master of the mundane magics.

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